President of Religious Affairs Görmez: Maarif Foundation will bring knowledge as a whole to Pakistan

President of Religious Affairs Görmez: Maarif Foundation will bring knowledge as a whole to Pakistan

April 13, 2017

President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez, hosted in his office the Pakistani press members including Ebu Lübabe who wrote a book about the  settlement of Fetullah Terrorist Organization in Pakistan in 2007.

The board was accompanied by the Turkish Maarif Foundation Chairman of Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün and Deputy Management Board President Dr. Hasan Yavuz.

Evoking his visit to Pakistan on Mawlid An-Nabi, Görmez told that the Turkish and Pakistani communities were two nations that had great ties of love and affection between them. Görmez told that Turkey and Pakistan are more than siblings and that they could be described as twins.

Görmez underlined that Pakistani Islamic scholar Muhammed Ikbal was one of the most influential scholars on his outlook on the world and he noted that he introduced Mewlana and his philosophy not only to Pakistan but to the whole Western world.

"The verses of Allah and the verses in the Universe cannot be separated"

Görmez informed the Board on the history and structure of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and said:

"There is a very important breaking point in our scientific history and that is the separation of science as ‘religious’ and ‘non-religious’. This is the most significant point we will discuss with our Pakistani brothers, with Madrasah professors. When the verses of the Koran related to science and knowledge are examined, this distinction is against Koran because according to Islam, there are the verses of Koran and those of the universe. You cannot separate the verses of the book of Allah and those of the universe. Thus, mathematics is a religious science as much as Tafsir is a religious science. In our ancient Madrasahs, tafsir, fiqh and method were never separated from physics, chemistry, mathematics and astronomy."

"There is no jihad without opinion"

Görmez who told that his philosophy was written on the tablet in his office translated the Arabic caligraphy on the tablet:

"The first light in the sky of the heart is that of “wisdom star”, then comes the “science moon” and then the “skill sun”. Under the light of wisdom star, the reality of objects is seen. Under the light of the science moon, the realm of meaning is visualized and finally, Allah is seen under the light of skill sun.”

Görmez told that this saying was engraved in the dome of the mosque built in Çankırı at the time of Suleyman the Magnificent in his name and added, "The owner of the science is called a scientist, the owner of the wisdom is called a wise man and the owner of the skill is called a skilled man. When these three are separated we lose the whole. We hope that Maarif Foundation will bring this knowledge as a whole to Pakistan. You and we will both help in establishing this. There is wisdom, skill and science in Pakistan but they stand separately. They have to be united and we need ‘method’ here".

Referring to Muhammed Ikbal’s words "Islam is the road itself, not a stopover or the destination", Görmez underlined that this road has fixed and variable elements. He noted that the boundaries did not change and that the road has boundaries and said, “Motion in the road does not change. You have to be in motion. There are two types of motion. One is jihad and the other one is opinion. However, jihad should not be carried out by killing people as it is done by DAESH. Jihad is what you do to help in bringing about the sovereignty of goodness. There is no jihad without opinion. We call the signs that take us to the target on the road as verses. The verses are not only in the book but also in the universe. You cannot separate them from one another”


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