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Philosophy Of Education

Philosophy Of Education

Pak-Turk Maarif International is dedicated to fostering the development of individuals who embody the concept of the "ideal person." Recognizing the inherent worth, uniqueness, and benevolence of each individual, the school aims to provide a comprehensive education that cultivates well-rounded individuals.

The ideal person, envisioned by the school, encompasses individuals equipped with relevant skills and knowledge that align with the demands of the contemporary world, while also embracing moral and cultural values.

Accordingly, the institution strives to educate children with the purpose of shaping them someone:

  • Who can think critically and analytically,
  • Who belongs to a scientific vision,
  • Who respects the environment, the living and the human being,
  • Who is balanced in his body, soul and spirit,
  • Who has the conscience of the society, the conscience of the culture and the conscience of the history,
  • Who loves his family, his country and his society,
  • Who respects the diverse populations,
  • Who adopts the elements like justice, compassion and respect,
  • Who is productive and very generous about sharing,
  • Who is socially engaged,
  • Who aims to leave a happy, liveable and serene world for the next generations.
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