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We place great emphasis on the holistic development of students, recognizing the importance of their social, emotional, psychological, and academic well-being. To ensure comprehensive support in these areas, the organization has established a robust and operational Guidance and Counseling Services (GCS) mechanism across all its campuses nationwide.

The GCS mechanism is designed to provide professional, systematic, specific, and integrated support to students. Its primary objective is to foster the well-being of students, addressing their diverse needs. To achieve this, each campus is equipped with a dedicated School Student Welfare Team (SWeT) comprising teachers, students, management staff, student counselling officers, and parents. This collaborative team works together to deliver the best possible services to students, encompassing various aspects of their wellness.

By implementing this approach, Pak-Turk Maarif ensures that students receive comprehensive and effective support for their personal and academic growth. The presence of a well-coordinated SWeT within each campus enhances the quality and accessibility of services, allowing students to thrive in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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