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Pre-School Education at Pak-Turk Maarif (age: 3 - 6)

A prolific synthesis of a variety of tested and successful early childhood education methodologies worldwide, the Little Hearts Pre-School system places comprehensive care on the environment of students, the syllabi and supplementary materials according to their ages.

Pak-Turk Maarif International Little Hearts Pre-Schools give an education full of joy and enthusiasm that values the tiny and sincere world of young children. The duty of a Pak-Turk Maarif International Little Hearts Pre School teacher is to support, assist, encourage and love the children enough to remember what is written across the forehead of every child:

At Pak-Turk Maarif International Little Hearts Pre-School, children can: be respected as individuals

  • learn to know, express and master feelings
  • be effective in acting upon the environment
  • become loving and compassionate towards themselves and others.

At Pak-Turk Maarif International Little Hearts Pre-School, parents can:

  • be appreciated as knowledgeable about their own child
  • learn about their children’s development
  • gain a sense of effectiveness and joy in parenting

Junior School Education at Pak-Turk Maarif

Centralized Examinations

An academic year at Pak-Turk Maarif comprises of three terms. There is no formal assessment or examinations in grades 1 & 2. Grade 3 has formal monthly assessments. The centralized examination system is in practice for Grades 4 & 5.

General Assessment Test for Primary Classes (GAT)

Languages and other core subjects are also assessed using General Assessment Test. GAT assesses the students in a format in which students can evaluate and rank themselves against the students in their class, schools and the country.

English Online Test for Primary Classes

Exclusive to Pak-Turk Maarif, the Online English Testing System for primary classes facilitate the assessment of students in their competence and proficiency of English.

Parent-School Seminars

Exclusive to Pak-Turk Maarif, the Online English Testing System for primary classes facilitate the assessment of students in their competence and proficiency of English.

Use of Interactive Whiteboards

At Pak-Turk Maarif we nourish active classrooms with the efficient use of smartboards. This technique is unique in involving students’ focus and capturing their interest. The Smart Board-based teaching helps us to develop visual learners while supporting aural and logical thinkers.

Tuition-Free Remedial Classes

Pak-Turk Maarif dedicated teaching staff provides remedial classes to the students who have difficulty in attaining achievement targets in tandem with their peers.


After-School Club Programs at Pak-Turk Maarif extend upon the belief that each of our gifted scholars has the opportunity to display their full potential by academic and sports activities at the end of their regular school day. The school offers after-school clubs for folk dances, singing, Spoken English, ICT, chess, cooking and many more.

Field Trips

We never forget that field trips are a highlight of the school year for most children. Whether it is the zoo, the museum or just a nature walk, children can learn more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom.

Social & Educational Activities

We believe that an ideal education system incorporates all aspects of personal development. Keeping this objective in view, students are provided with a number of opportunities to participate in different competitions at school and national levels including essay writing, letter writing, art, spelling bee, science, and the Third Eye exhibitions.

Home Visits

The enthusiastic team of teachers at Pak-Turk Maarif believes that when teachers get to know their students and their families, the parents become powerful advocates in their children’s education. Our teachers uphold “home visits” as a part of their professional responsibility and report that their home visits have a lasting effect on the child, the parents, and the overall home-school communication.

Middle School Education (Classes 6-8) at Pak-Turk Maarif

The curriculum applied in Middle School (Classes 6 to 8) has been designed to be integrated with the International GCE O-level and FBISE and/or respective Boards of Secondary and Intermediate Education requirements. The dominating aim of these curricula is preparing students to the O-Level/SSC Board examinations. 

Each student finishes 100 selected and suggested books from Class 6 up to Class 8. This 100 Essentials reading scheme aims to develop students as avid readers with insight towards literature and the world of intellectuals.  All Pak-Turk Maarif students who complete reading the 200 Essentials are awarded a commemorative plaque and certificate. Class 6 admits students to a tailor-made preparatory class concentrated on language subjects, meant to craft a thorough educational experience.

Secondary School Education at Pak-Turk Maarif

The curricula applied in Secondary School are in line with the international GCE O-Level and national Matriculation (SSC) system.

Students of Matriculation system are guided to excel as board high-achievers educated by a largely experienced teaching faculty, on completion of the exam syllabus, students revise their learning in crash courses and fast-track classes; taking bi-weekly Subject Revision Tests in each exam subject as well.

Fast-track classes are the domain of talented students who subscribe to a tailor-made preparation program to bring high achievement in board examinations. These classes help to enhance students’ study and exam-taking practices and provide outstanding facilities to reward hard work. 

Students needing individual support are provided exclusive one-on-one study sessions by their subject teachers after school hours with no additional cost.

Higher Secondary School Education at Pak-Turk Maarif

Pak-Turk Maarif educational institutions provide high-quality education and outstanding social skills to the college students by preparing them for their future careers as successful individuals contributing to society. 

Pak-Turk Maarif students get practice-based high school education in fully-equipped laboratories and the classrooms with active/smartboard systems.

Enhancing their academic and social achievements in clean, spacious and purpose-built campuses, high school students at Pak-Turk Maarif educational institutions actively participate in national and international science and project competitions, socialize in debates and declamations and are determined to excel in various disciplines on their path to University education.

Students receive guidance and awareness through career seminars, conferences, trips in and out of Pakistan, guidance and psychological counseling sessions and crown their educational excellence with memorable graduation ceremonies.

Cambridge Assesment International Education

Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges across Pakistan are registered with the University Cambridge Assesment International Education (CAIE) for preparing students to the International IGCSE/OLevel and A-Level Examinations.

PTISC prepare their students for the IGCSE/O Level Examinations in three years, paving the path to A Levels. However, in order to sit for the exams as a school candidate, a student is required to meet the minimum requirements at simulated examinations set at the School.

Subjects offered in IGCASE/O Level

Pak-Turk Maarif educational institutions primarily offer the following subjects in IGCSE/O Level classes. 

IGCSE/O Level Business Subjects

1. English Language (compulsory for all students)

2. Urdu (compulsory for Pakistani students)

3. Mathematics Syllabus D

4. Economics

5. Principles of Accounts

6. Business Studies / Computer Studies

7. Pakistan Studies (compulsory for Pakistani students)

8. Islamiyat (compulsory for Pakistani students)

9. Commerce (elective)

O Level/IGCSE Science Subjects

1. English Language (compulsory for all students)

2. Urdu (compulsory for Pakistani students)

3. Mathematics Syllabus D

4. Physics

5. Chemistry

6. Biology / Computer Studies

7. Pakistan Studies (compulsory for Pakistani students)

8. Islamiyat (compulsory for Pakistani students)

Admission Criteria

a. At least six subjects should be cleared in ‘O’ Levels

b. At least a B grade in English Language

c. At least a B grade in the subjects of student’s choice.

Where marks are low, such courses should be excluded from the subject’s selection. 

Academic guidance is given in line with the students’ field of interest.

NOTE: - The above options may not be available at all branches.

Higher Education Requirements

The most popular courses and their ‘A’ Level requirements are as follows:

Medicine: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Maths

Engineering: Maths, Physics, and Computing

Law: General English, Chemistry, English Literature, General History, and Accounting

Business Studies: Economics

Computing / ICT: Mathematics and Computing

Accountancy: Accounting, Statistics

Sociology: Sociology, Economics, and Law

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